GEM Conference 2021

This conference will be online via Zoom

Time Frame

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts

Friday, 16th October 2020

Notification of Acceptance of Abstracts (by e-mail)

Monday, 2nd of November 2020

Deadline for Confirmation of Acceptance

Monday, 9th of November 2020




Please submit your abstract via the Abstract Submission tab or below at Step 5.

1. Submission Type, Title and Status

  • Specify whether you wish to present a paper (20mins), poster or workshop (60 mins)
  • Include the title of your abstract
  • State the status of the research e.g. completed, in progress, postgraduate research. 

2. Abstract and Keywords

  • An abstract should be sent for all proposed presentations (paper, poster, workshop)
  • It should be on Times New Roman 12 font, single spaced 
  • The abstract should be 400 words only with word count typed at the bottom 
  • Upload the abstract to the Google Form
  • Include keywords which capture the topic of your submission

3 . Author or Presenter Information 

  • Name of Presenter (s
  • Affiliation: (college, organisation, etc. where relevant) 
  • Presenter (s) Bio (max 4 sentences each)
  • Corresponding presenter email address

4. Criteria for Acceptance of Proposed Presentations 

In assessing applications the proposal committee will consider the following criteria: 

  • Relevance: Note that the theme of the conference is ‘Gender Equality Matters’ (gender stereotyping; gender-based bullying; gender-based violence)
  • Innovation and originality: Are any new strategies and/or approaches described? Is new research presented? Are ideas of interest to practitioners at the various levels? 
  • Quality: Is the proposed paper or poster presentation of a high standard? This may be illustrated by evidence of depth of research or evidence of impact of work. 
  • Impact: Can you illustrate how your proposal, work or discussion has made an impact or could make an impact on SPHE curriculum/course provision at any level? 
  • Applicability: Is the approach, idea or work applicable to others? Can knowledge be transferred to others through your presentation? 
  • Appeal and Readability: Is the proposed paper/workshop/ poster presentation clear, and to the point? Is the abstract written with empathy for the reader? Does it acknowledge the diversity of the target audience, which may include academics, teachers, students, policy makers, NGO representatives and education practitioners? 

5. How to submit 

Please submit your abstract via the following form by Friday 16th of October 2020:


Notification of Acceptance

You will be notified if your abstract is accepted or not by e-mail on 2nd of November 2020.  Acceptance of the invitation to present must be confirmed by Mon 9th Nov, 2020