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This video sums it all up really, the children's reactions and how they worked it out together was very effective in realising the everyday occurrences around gender stereotyping.

I think an activity like this or a class discussion as to the difference treatment of boys/girls in our school would be a really interesting starting point. 

Posted : 29/10/2021 9:01 am
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I think that the activity in the video was a very good way to make the point that discrimination in terms of gender is not simply unfair, but also ridiculous.

In class you could encourage children to role play executing different types of tasks at home, at work etc, and to make sure that it becomes normal for them to envisage themselves in any role of their choosing. One should not take for granted that children are always afforded this opportunity or right in their own home or community setting.

Posted : 13/11/2021 12:56 am
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I think this video would be an excellent conversation starter to help highlight inequality between males and females. This could lead to a conversation starter then around 'the way we do things around here..' in terms of highlighting the different treatments people receive. It would likely be more difficult to highlight the subconscious things which people do, without even realising it - such as expecting boys to be braver and girls to be more interested in smaller children etc.

Posted : 01/11/2022 1:07 pm
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I thought this video was excellent and would be a great way to introduce gender equality to children in an accessible way. It would open a discussion on gender and the assumptions that are not taught in school but more often handed down from one generation to the next. A moving debate in the classroom would be a useful way for the children to engage with stereotypical ideas about gender norms. 

Posted : 05/11/2022 10:02 pm
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@eimearp Great idea. I think this would work really well in a class setting and be very impactful.

Posted : 09/11/2022 10:16 pm
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I absolutely love the video in the module.  It's the perfect way to show inequality in womens rights.  Like it said, children don't accept it, why should adults.  I would show this to the class and get them to come up with other ideas, have a class discussion and brainstorm.  I think I would have to also bring some sweets in for them!!!!! 

Posted : 10/11/2022 11:29 am
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