The Gender Equality Matters (GEM) project aims to tackle gender stereotyping, gender-based bullying and gender-based violence.


Together with your parents and teachers, we can make a difference!


Together with students, other parents and teachers, you can make a difference!


Together with students, parents, your colleagues and school management, you can make a difference!

Our Story

The GEM project aims to raise awareness…

The GEM project aims to raise awareness, challenge attitudes and promote behavioural changes in relation to gender-based violence generally with specific reference to violence against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community in and around schools.

All participants in the GEM project aim to positively change behaviour against the LGBTI community in the classroom and beyond. We aim to make a difference at your school by involving students, parents, teachers and school leaders. We offer awareness-raising materials, seminars and training courses to all that are interested.

The partners in the GEM project are located in Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece and The Netherlands.

Are you interested in participating in our project and building a European community that intends to tackle Gender-Based Violence in and around schools? Please contact our members and partners directly. You are also invited to join us on our social media platforms.

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