The Gender Equality Matters (GEM) project aims to tackle gender stereotyping, gender-based bullying and gender-based violence.


Together with your parents and teachers, we can make a difference!


Together with students, other parents and teachers, you can make a difference!


Together with students, parents, your colleagues and school management, you can make a difference!

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The GEM Project: Aims and Target Groups

The Gender Equality Matters (GEM) project received funding from the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union in 2018. Its main aim is to tackle gender-based violence through a gender equality lens. Key themes that are explored in training relate to gender stereotyping, gender-based bullying and gender-based violence (GBV). These issues apply to all individuals but we know that there are groups who are more vulnerable to experiencing these issues, such as women and men subjected to violent situations inside or outside the home, and people in the LGBTI community.

Classroom materials are being developed and used in four European countries: Ireland; Spain, Greece and Italy. In some countries, children in primary schools aged 10-12 are benefitting from the programme, while in Italy, the focus is on students in post-primary schools. 

Along with work in schools with pupils and teachers, the GEM project is also providing training to parents in the schools involved, but also through parent groups such as parents’ associations, and national representative groups (such as the National Parents’ Council in Ireland: npc.ie). 

As well as the target groups mentioned, we are providing a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) designed by our colleagues in the University of Murcia through the GEM website in the coming months. This will be open to anyone with an interest in the topics outlined and a certificate will be provided for those who complete the four modules. 

If you are a teacher interested in developing expertise in the topics outlined above with a view to providing training for teacher groups or school staffs, please contact the national partner relevant to your country (see details under Consortium).

At the end of the project (currently planned for February 2021), we will be in a position to disseminate our unique classroom and training materials through this website and various events which are planned, including a capstone GEM conference in Dublin City University (planned for February 2021). In the meantime, please feel free to get in touch with any of the partners if you have an interest in any aspect of the GEM project, or you feel you have something to contribute to tackle GBV at local, regional or national levels. 

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